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KantaSilo, 42 Stockbridge Road, Elloughton, Brough, East Yorkshire, HU15 1HN



Telephone: +44(0) 1482 665978

Groundbreaking Innovation


The KantaSilo system is thermodynamically designed to provide natural aeration and fully protected storage for all manner of materials.



  • Fireproof (auto-extinguishing)
  • 25% more storage per sq m
  • 300-9000 cubic metre storage
  • Super strong structure
  • Automated load and unload

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Custom Designed Engineering Solutions


DRYING of your problematic difficult wet/damp materials which can be achieved in an efficient cost effective way via our energy efficient customised systems. Our design team have great knowledge and experience in this field and can advise you further regarding solutions. Simply contact us about the challenge and we will advise our solutions.


ODOUR AND ENVIRONMENTAL concerns we could have the solutions using our scrubbing solutions which are efficient and can solve issues that give major business concerns

Please contact us with the basic information and our engineering design team will advise on the potential solution we can suggest to engineer and provide support for your business.


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